Coffee is health food: Myth or fact?

The health benefits of coffee have been subjects of many studies all over the world. The question is: – is coffee healthy for you? You often heard that there are two sides to a story, right. The health benefits of drinking coffee has long been a controversial topic with its advocates detailing its antioxidant activity and brain boosting potential, while those against it tout its downsides as insomnia, indigestion and high blood pressure.

Here are some of the reasons why coffee is healthy for you.

Coffee is a source of valuable antioxidants

Compared to the two antioxidant superstars – tea and cocoa – coffee outperforms both in terms of antioxidants. According to scientists, there are about 1000 antioxidants in unprocessed coffee beans and hundreds more developed during processing. These antioxidants are very important in fighting inflammation. Inflamaation causes a number of chronic diseases including many types of cancer, arthritis and atherosclerosis. Chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant almost exclusive to coffee, is very important in preventing cardiovascular disease.

The antioxidants also neutralize the free radicals occurring naturally as part of everyday metabolic activities and that can result in oxidative stress that causes chronic diseases. Another ingredient in coffee this days is ganoderma mushroom extract. This herb is loaded with antioxidants. Consuming natural organic coffees like ganodermaa mushroom coffee enhances the body’s healing capacity, and longevity.

Coffee provides memory boost

The caffeine affects, positively, areas of the brain responsible for memory and concentration. It is this quality that helps you go through your tasks without feeling dizzy. However, it is still not clear how long the memory boost lasts and it may vary from person to person.

Coffee is good for your heart

There is overwhelming evidence that coffee contributes positively to your heart’s health by offering protection against arterial damage caused by inflammation. A large-scale Dutch study where 37,000 people were observed demonstrated that moderate coffee drinkers (those taking 2 to 4 cups each day) had a 20% lower risk of heart disease when compared to heavy, light and non-drinkers.

Coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

Some studies have increasingly linked the drinking of coffee to keeping diabetes at bay. Scientists contend that the drink helps in the effective regulation of blood sugar.

Your liver needs that cup of coffee

Researchers have found out that there is an inverse relationship between drinking coffee and blood levels of your liver’s enzymes. The higher the level of the enzymes, the higher the inflammation that is not good for the liver. Coffee lowers the level of the enzymes.

Coffee fights depression

Still in doubt? Consider this; numerous studies have also proved that taking coffee reduces cases of depression in both men and women. In a study, heavy coffee drinkers seemed to have about 20% lower risk of suffering depression. Caffeine activates neurotransmitters that control your mood.

Coffee protects against gout

High concentration of uric acid is what causes gout. The antioxidants present in coffee decreases insulin level which lowers the concentration of uric acid. The result is reduction in gout attacks.

Take coffee for improved exercise performance

Moderate drinking of coffee, about five cups a day, does not dehydrate the body enough to interfere with your workout. In fact coffee especially coffee with ganoderma extracthelps fight fatigue allowing you to exercise longer.

These are just few benefits of drinking healthy coffee we’ve uncovered. The emphasis is drinking healthy coffee. The above benefits may vary from person to person.

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