Decorative Plant Stands Add Unique Character To Your Home

Plant stands are both decorative and versatile and they’re not just for plants either! Actually, a nicely fashioned pedestal plant stand is ideal for displaying extra items when you’ve run out of room on your mantle or shelving.

The appeal of either a living or an artificial plant is enhanced by putting it on an attractive plant stand. Unlike live plants, silk ones will allow you to enjoy greenery without putting time into watering. An artificial plant should have a stand to add to its character.

No matter if you plan to put plants, pictures, or other items on your stand, you need to remember these cardinal rules when you set out to choose a stand. The stand should enhance whatever you are putting on it. The perfect plant stand for any type of plant is readily available, and makes it easier than ever for you to make a statement with not only your beautiful greenery, but also with your plant stands!

You also need to think about what the stand will be supporting. Consider the proportions of the plant in relation to the stand carefully as you want a good balance. You want to reconsider pairing a heavy, overpowering stand with a small, decorative plant. A fern, however, would look gorgeous on a pedestal like this.

You also have to think about color. Always consider the colors of the flowers of the plants you will be displaying. Complementary colors or neutral tones should be considered when purchasing a plant stand.

Size is also important. Make sure that your plant pot will fit on top of the stand. The top of the stand needs to be a little larger than your container. This will be more aesthetically pleasing as well as stable.

For plant stands to remain standing upright, all that is usually necessary is a solid and level floor. When displaying heavy or large items, you should take care to get a stand that can support the weight while still being appropriate for your flooring. As an example, a pedestal of light weight probably would not be the right thing if the floor has plush carpeting. If you have hardwood floors, however, this base will work just fine.

Show off your flare for style in your home by starting with the top of your plant stand. These little stands let you express your creative side in a big way.

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