Fastest plane in the world

Many of the fast planes are designed for those who have had some experience at least of controlled a remote control plane and ready to progress to the next level up. The designs are very professional and give a high amount of performance and speed so ideally should only been flown in open areas such as your local park. Do bear in mind the safety aspects as there will be many people, families and animals in the area. Even though many planes are designed to be flexible when crashing, they can still be painful if they are to hit someone which is why experience is usually necessary.

fast plane

More channels on the controller mean more planes can fly in the area without the signal getting confused between devices. The Warbird for example comes with a 4 channel controller and gives very precise and quick responses leaving you able to perform all sorts of stunts. Many websites give videos of these planes in action so worth checking out before buying.

For a park flyer, the Warbird is ideal due to it being a very nimble plane and its 370C engine giving it a high top speed so not for indoors. The aerobatics that this and other fast RC planes are capable of are astounding. Anything from loop the loops to barrel rolls and inverted passes these are highly manoeuvrable planes.

If you would like to expand your flying enjoyment then there is another RC Model Airplane called the P-51D which can perform a stable slow flight as well as fast magnificent moves. The propeller is controlled by the 370 electric motor with the gearbox transferring the movement to the front of the plane. As we mentioned above regarding crashing, this plane is made from styrene foam which is more brittle compared to the alternative EPP foam but gives you the option for more add-ons. Even if it does crash and need repairing, a small amount of Araldite glue or even PVA wood glue will get you up and running in minutes.

Specifications include –

Wingspan: 870MM

Length: 737MM

Weight: 400g

Battery: Ni-Mh 8.4V/600 MaH with UK charger included

Power System: LS-370 Motor (1:5.3 Gear Ratio)

R/C System: 4 channel R/C System and 3 Servo And 1 Electronic Speed Controller all included.

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