Happy Holidays in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with an abundance of both natural scenery and public holidays. Accordingly, there are numerous destinations to visit on trips with family, friends or co-workers. Since the island is rather small, one-day-trips can be arranged easily with minimal travelling time. Several resorts and hotels in Sri Lanka are designed to cater to one-day-trips for large gatherings like family functions or corporate events. Renting a vehicle with a driver is a good option for journeys that take over 2 hours to allow the group to travel without enduring the hassle of driving.

When it comes to family outings, kids’ activities are a necessity to ensure that the adults can also enjoy their vacation time without much disturbance. Most hotels provide adequate facilities for entertainment, like playgrounds and swimming-pools. For the more outdoor-loving group, there are enoughhotels situated near forests and rivers, and usually offer activities like kayaking and hiking. As much of the countryside is untouched by urban development, a short journey from a resort or hotel will often lead to an unfrequented area perfect for a little exploring and some photos. Beachside resorts are also widespread, allowing guests to enjoy the sun and take a dip in the ocean.

The wildlife in Sri Lanka is as captivating as the scenery, as it is home to several intriguing species of flora and fauna. Whale-watching has become a common attraction at several points on the coast, while wild elephants and leopards can be sighted at the Yala National Park. An elephant orphanage is located in Pinnawela, and cares for several elephants displaced by human action. These are a few among the various destinations available to experience nature in Sri Lanka.

Thanks to its rich heritage, cultural sites are also numerous around Sri Lanka, with a mixture of ancient strongholds built by local kings in the countryside and more recent structures from colonial times in the cities. Since these are spread out over the country, any family vacation can also easily include a cultural experience. Most hotels will offer tour packages for national heritage icons, such as the Fort in Galle, or the Sigiriya rock fortress, dubbed ‘the eighth wonder of the world’.

Venues for corporate functions are hardly scarce either, with numerous places offering packages that include accommodation and facilities for corporate guests. Reception halls are commonplace in hotels for formal meetings, with lunch catered by the hotel, while some resorts have large outdoor spaces for functions. Resorts featuring adventure sports, like rafting and rock-climbing, also cater to corporate clients for team-building activities and such.

Whether they be nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, or spiritually inclined, tours in Sri Lanka will have something to offer every type of traveller. Almost every type of tourist attraction is available within a day’s travel, making Sri Lanka the premier destination for a holiday.

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