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That said, if a phone is offered in the US, from the entry-level to the flagship, you’ll most likely discover an Otterbox case for it. The finest Otterbox case: Defender series The Otterbox Defender series is one of the more protective options offered from the rugged case maker. The case is thick and heavy, but the multi-layered protection is fantastic.

These are sleeker and lighter, however don’t jeopardize on safety in any way. These cases are likewise readily available for a broader variety of mobile phones when compared to the Protector series. The business likewise has a less expensive Commuter Lite case that is intended for entry-level and mid-range phones. At the other end of the price spectrum is the Defender Pro series, which earns the Pro name by including an anti-bacterial layer to its protective features.

Speck has a few case variations available, however the basic concept stays largely the same. They lean towards the slim and light side of things, but that does not imply that they are any less protective than other options on this list. You’ll discover Speck cases for most major flagship smart devices, but while there are some random surprises, the company doesn’t really dive into mid-range or entry-level area.

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The finest Speck case: Presidio Grip/ Presidio2 Grip The business’s most typically available case is the Presidio Grip and is likewise the most quickly recognizable. The thin case makes its name thanks to raised ridges on the back that are excellent for grip. Extra corner security and dual layers make sure that the phone will be great after a drop.

Latest Facts About Samsung Galaxy Phone Case

All its cases are rather rugged and fulfill the MIL-STD 810G 516. 6 requirement for drop defense and effect resistance. Complete security is the name of the game here throughout all its cases. However a few of its popular options are likewise remarkably light-weight and thin sufficient to enable wireless charging and NFC payments.

The best UAG case: Plasma The UAG Plasma is a feather-light case however does not compromise on security in any method. The corners are strengthened and you get covered buttons, all without making the phone large. It likewise has a distinctive look, so there’s no mistaking this for anything aside from a UAG cover.

The business also recently introduced the Wilderness series with cases that are entirely biodegradable and compostable. Ringke might not have a variety of case types to pick from, however it stays a popular choice for a great deal of users. The cases are great, of course, however one of the reasons for the business’s appeal is because of the big number of devices it supports.

Its slim polycarbonate back is combined with a thick TPU bumper that is not only unique-looking, but offers excellent defense for the phone. The company has both slimmer and more rugged alternatives readily available, but the Fusion-X is the usual go-to when it pertains to Ringke cases. Other Ringke cases Ringke doesn’t have a lot of other case types on hand, with the Ringke Slim and Fusion rounding out the list.

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The Ringke Combination and Slim are the cases you’ll get for phones that are more than a number of years of ages. Poetic is another popular phone case maker that provides a few types of cases, with rugged protection available with its popular alternatives. There is some similarity between Poetic’s cases and a few of the others on this list, so they don’t have too many standout features or abilities.