Massaging Feet

“The health of your feet is a
reflection of health in the
rest of your body”
Massaging feet can be used as a means of generating overall wellness. How many of us have aching or tired feet after a hard day’s work? A foot massage treatment can ease your fatigued, sore foot muscles. It does not only help your feet to recover from fatigue, but it also relaxes the rest of your body and can achieve and offer immediate results and benefits.
Massaging feet can offer such benefits as:
a. relaxation
b. recovering from fatigue
c. stress relief
d. warming up your feet
e. increased energy
f. improvement in immune system
g. increased blood circulation
h. stimulating lymph flow
i. muscle tension relief
The soles of your feet are a reflection of the whole body. Certain zones on the soles of the feet are connected to each part of the body. According to Chinese belief, if there is a painful area on the foot it is an indication of something being unwell somewhere else in the body. The different foot treatments can help improve health in the rest of your body.

There are four types of foot massage treatments:
a. manual massages
b. water-based massages
c. vibrating massages
d. heat-based massages

Manual massages include:
a. a massage therapist giving you an invigorating foot massage
b. giving yourself a foot rub and massage
c. using a rolling foot massager
– ribbed roller stimulating the acupressure points on the foot by rolling your foot over it
– placing a tennis ball under the instep of the foot and rolling your foot backwards and forwards
Water-based massages include:
a. taking a warm foot bath to help soothe your aching feet after a tiring day – use an exfoliating foot scrub, foam bath in the water, and a peppermint foot gel afterwards
b. a foot bath massager – bubbling jet action, vibrating, heated and a massaging foot roller and pads at the bottom of the bath
Vibrating massages include:
a. a vibrating foot massager with an adjustable vibrating massage mechanism – while sitting with your feet on the machine you experience the feel of a manual massage
b. a foot, ankle and calf massager – slip your feet and calves into the foot machine – the acupressure points on the feet are stimulated by the adjustable vibrating massage mechanism and kneading actions of the machine, helping to soothe and relax your fatigued muscles
c. a soft pillow foot massager – place your feet on the massaging platform/pillow – the massage is brought about by vibrating motors that are underneath the top layer of the pillow
Heat-based massages include:
a. foot massaging boots/slippers – your feet slide into the fleecy boots/slippers and you turn on the massage mechanism. It comes with varying levels of heat and adjustable massage functions
b. hand held foot massager – has an infra-red function for deep heat treatment – may be used on its own or with adjustable vibration settings
c. infrared vibrating foot massager – massages and stimulates the acupressure points under the feet – has adjustable vibration and infrared heat levels
Based on Chinese beliefs, taking care of your feet can improve overall health, well-being and energy levels in the body. Foot therapy treatments help bring this about.
” When you take good
care of your feet it is reflected
in the health of the rest of
your body”

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