Sprinkler Systems: Common Problems With Lawn Sprinklers

Summer is upon us, and as the sun beats heat down upon us and our lawns, we need to remember to keep the grass hydrated. Your sprinkler system is more than likely running, providing the yard with needed water so it remains green and full. And while this is a great convenience to have, sprinkler systems can suffer from issues that cause them not to work as they should, or at all.

When your sprinklers don’t operate, your lawn can suffer. Luckily, many dilemmas can be resolved with just a little bit of elbow grease and know-how. Unfortunately, others may require the expertise of a sprinkler system installer or repair person, which will mean costs. Before you rush to the phone, take a look at the problem and see if you can troubleshoot it. If not, then it’s best to leave the system alone until it’s repaired, unless you want to install all new sprinklers.

Problem: The sprinkler heads are broken

Lawnmowers and sprinkler heads are not friends. Many heads are torn apart every year because of lawnmowers, snow shovels, snow blowers and other machines. When this happens, the best solution is just to replace the sprinkler head by unscrewing the broken stem from the canister and screwing a new one in its place. If this repair is necessary because of a machine, consider digging a deeper hole to prevent future breaks.

Problem: A pipe is broken

Pipes can break for a number of different reasons, and luckily, repairing a broken pipe is quick and easy. The first thing you’ll need to do is dig up the pipe, carefully using the shovel to keep your yard neat so the sod can be replaced easily. Try to feel for the pipe with your shovel so you don’t cut through it, and create more work for yourself. Once you’ve found the pipe, figure out what type it is. Different pipes require different solutions. Once you’ve determined the cause and size of the break, you’ll either need to replace just the broken section or entire pipe.

Problem: No or irregular watering

You might be noticing your sprinklers are watering a bit erratically, and this may be the result of them not being able to turn 360 degrees as they may be broken, jammed or blocked. After you’ve resolved the issue, remember to check and clean the heads to ensure watering is continuous and timely.

Problem: Sprinkler won’t detract after watering

It can be frustrating when your sprinklers won’t go back down once they’ve finished watering. This can be resolved by taking a hard look at the issue. It may be the result of mulch, pebbles, lawn ornaments or other lawn care and adornments preventing the sprinkler going back down. Don’t let this go on too long as it can damage your entire system.

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