Teens use apps to keep secrets?

If you are a parent with teenage children, you generally expect them to go to school and come home at the end of the day with maybe a little homework. But you may be surprised to know, that the growing trend of sexting continues to be a problem and teens have slick ways from hiding those nude photos.

Sexting is where someone takes a picture of themselves with their smartphone. The are usually partially or fully nude pics which are sent to someone else in the form of a multimedia message (MMS).

There are many apps available for download, to where someone with the intent of sending a sex text can hide these explicit photos in the form of an app. Apps that look like a fully functional calculator, are merely tools that hide these photos.

A concerned parent looking through their children’s device for example won’t think to check the clock or calculator app for suspect photos. And even if they were to check that calculator app, unless the right pass code is entered, all one can do, are just calculations.

Usually the first place one would go to look for photographs is the gallery. There are many gallery apps that can hide any photos behind a pass code lock.

As noted by WTNH, hiding nude photos within apps also has other risks associated with it.

Normally when people download things from an app store, they fail to read the terms of service, and just head straight to the check box that confirms that they agree with what the app will do.

If the app says that it stores all images on a secure and private server, you can bet there are others who can see these pictures including companies.

Online privacy isn’t a real thing and probably has never been. Anything done on your computer or smartphone can potentially have its content fall into another’s hands.

Parents or guardians who are concerned about what their teens are doing while they are alone, might want to consider asking important questions about these secret apps, and whether they are involved in sexting.

This is something that has been around for a while, and app developers are constantly finding new and improved ways in providing more functionality with these secret apps.

With well over a 1 million available downloadable apps on the App store, the old saying still holds true. “There’s an app for that”.