The Various Types of Swimming Pool Services

Swimming pool supply companies and independent contractors offer a variety of services that can take the guesswork and labor out of choosing, building and maintaining a backyard pool. While you may choose to tackle some of these tasks on your own, it is worth looking into professional services to see what they may offer. A backyard pool is a big investment, and improper design, construction and regular maintenance can result in thousands of dollars in repairs down the road, so even if you do decide to take a do it yourself approach to having a swimming pool you will want to consult a professional for advice.

Choosing a pool can be as simple or complex as you make it, depending on the type of pool you wish to have. Above ground pools come in two basic varieties. Seasonal above ground pools can be purchased at your local retailer and generally are meant to be taken down at the end of the swimming season and set up again the next year. Permanent above ground pools generally are purchased and installed by professionals, and come in preset sizes and shapes from a catalog or website. Inground pools offer the most design flexibility and come in premade sizes and shapes or can be fully customized and built to your exact specifications. Discussing your options, your budget, and your maintenance commitments with a service provider is the best way to make sure you may the decision that is right for you.

Building a pool is no easy task, so unless you are choosing a simple above ground pool you will likely want to hire a swimming pool service provider or contractor to install your new backyard oasis. The best time to consider buying a new pool is at the end of the summer, when many types of pools are discounted in price and the contractor’s work has slowed down for the year.

Maintenance of a backyard swimming pool can be confusing and time consuming. Pools of all types need to be vacuumed and have the chemicals tested and maintained. Filtration systems need regular maintenance as well, and failure to properly maintain these systems can result in very expensive repairs. While the experienced pool owner can test their own water and maintain their filtration system and chemicals, a beginner should consider having a swimming pool service assist them the first year they own their pool as a minimum. Often swimming pool service companies will offer a warranty, and if any part of the pool becomes damaged due to improper maintenance they handle the repairs.

Even if you decide to maintain your pool on your own, a service provider is an asset for testing your water and giving you a plan for how best to maintain your pools chemicals. Swimming pool service providers generally sell the chemicals and supplies you will need to keep your backyard pool sparkling clean and in good repair.

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